The nature around us

The woods of Buggenhout

The biggest broad-leaved forest of East-Flanders, located not far from our accommodation. You can walk there, play golf or tennis, ride a bicycle ... A lot of wood-paths are accessible to wheelchair users! For those who want to stay in shape, there is a fit-o-meter. There is also an arboretum with lots of information about the different kinds of trees and bushes.

On the edge of the forest, you find cosy taverns, where you can relax and the children can play in the playground. When you walk in the woods, don’t forget to take a look at our beautiful wood chapel. More information can be found on the link below.


The woods of Lippelo

This old wood around the castle “Hof-te-Melis” is located on the border of Flemish Brabant and Antwerp. You will find wonderful trees there and more than a hundred different kinds of fungus. It’s nice to take a walk there.

De Dries

In Opdorp, you find the biggest and nicest “Dries” of Flanders. It is planted with linden trees and during spring you can see more than 200 000 daffodils. On this 3 hectares village square, a lot of events take place, like a pleasant Christmas market, the annual fair and different open-air exhibitions.

The Scheldt

You can enjoy nature with all its aspects while riding a bicycle or walking... You might recognise a piece of nature of the TV series “Stille waters”. Crossing over with the ferry is a must. That way, you can also discover the other side.