Opdorp, De Dries

“De Dries” is the biggest green triangle square of Flanders. On the three corners, you find the church and the presbytery, the old town hall and the old monastery. When you wish, it is possible to visit the church under guidance of the host.


Ter Palen

This society, which studies local customs and folklore, wants to trace the past of Buggenhout and its population, so the present inhabitants can be reminded of former situations and events. You can visit this society between 14:00 and 17:00, every Sunday from March till October. The society is located in the castle of Opdorp, Vekenstraat 1. You may recognise this castle from the series “Stille waters”. In the series, it was the place of residence of Jana's mother.


De Pit

In our beautiful cultural centre you can enjoy lots of performances. The programme can be consulted on the link below.


Dendermonde, city of Ros Beiaard

In this old city, situated 10 km from Opdorp, you find the cloth makers’ hall and the belfry (now it’s the town hall), the “Vleeshuis”, a magnificent beguinage and lots of places of interest. Every year, there is a big procession (“Reuzenommegang”), a tradition since the Middle Ages.


Fortress of Breendonk

The fortress has played an important part during both World Wars. This ancient monument is now open to the public. It is certainly worthwhile to visit.